Monitoring Large-Scale Networks

Avoiding Alert Fatigue

Automating Multi-Vendor Monitoring

Automating Multi-Vendor Monitoring

How do you automate monitoring when the network contains so many different device types and vendors with no uniform approach to how monitoring metrics should be accessed and used?

  • Detailed multi-vendor discovery is the prerequisite for collecting metrics for monitoring, processing and analyzing.
  • Device vendors often have their own definitions of the various metrics available for monitoring in their devices.
  • Establishing a level of commonality across vendor device metrics requires dedicated logic to normalize all the data.

Multi-Vendor Monitoring Challenges

Detailed Discovery

  • How do you ensure your discovery process is effective regardless of device vendor?
  • How do you define the scope of metrics collection to match your monitoring strategy?
  • How do you deal with new device types and vendors in an automated manner?

Vendor-Specific Metrics

  • How do you ensure monitoring metrics have consistent meaning across device vendors?
  • How do you automate normalization of metric data across vendor devices?
  • How do you deal with SNMP implementation variations across device vendors?


  • How well does your monitoring infrastructure accommodate new technologies?
  • How does your monitoring infrastructure support your evolving monitoring strategy?
  • How can you enable a more secure network monitoring infrastructure?

Multi-vendor networks are the norm and the larger the network the more likely it is to be multi-vendor. However, this has yet to translate to a uniform approach to defining device metics among vendors. NetSpyGlass executes an innovative SNMP discovery process designed to easily accommodate large-scale, multi-vendor networks. Users never have to worry about monitoring devices from diverse vendors because NetSpyGlass will handle this for them. And, with support for SNMPv3 NetSpyGlass enables a more future-proof and more secure network monitoring infrastructure.

Why NetSpyGlass

NetSpyGlass is designed for large-scale, multi-vendor networks and provides powerful automation capabilities for:


  • Eliminate errors introduced by manual configuration through fully automated discovery designed for multi-vendor networks.
  • Achieve consistency in handling multi-vendor device monitoring data through powerful metric normalization algorithms.
  • Operate a more future-proof monitoring infrastructure that is more secure and that can easily accommodate new devices.