Monitoring Large-Scale Networks

Avoiding Alert Fatigue

Automating Multi-Vendor Monitoring

Avoiding Alert Fatigue with Programmatic Precision

How do you ensure that alerts generated by your network monitoring platform are not the noisy result of static thresholding and actually do require your attention?

  • Alert fatigue is the result of network operations teams becoming overwhelmed with alerts without an ability to investigate and/or respond each one.
  • Exposure to high volumes of alerts, causes network operators to become desensitized and the risk of an inadequate response to critical issues increases.
  • Some surveys reveal that as much as 75% of anomalous event alerts were actually false positives which greatly reduces the value of an alerting system.

Alert Fatigue Challenges

Missing Context

  • How do you know the contextual situation surrounding the generation of any given alert?
  • How can you quickly establish the source of the problem that caused the alert?
  • How do you establish whether an alert is actionable or merely informational?


  • How do you accommodate dependencies between alerts to eliminate redundancies?
  • How do you prioritize alerts cascading from a single source for proper team response?
  • How do you design an alert architecture that eliminates false positive alerts over time?

Notification Delivery

  • How do you ensure that alert notifications are delivered to those who should receive them?
  • How do you leverage diverse notification channels to ensure that alerts are received?
  • How do you match alert priority to the most appropriate notification channel?

Alert fatigue is a well-established challenge for network operations teams who are often at risk of an inadequate response to authentic alerts embedded in a stream of false positives. NetSpyGlass provides powerful tools for defining the context of an alert with awareness of physical and logical interdependencies plus a very robust notification system to ensure the right teams receive only “true” positive alerts.

Why NetSpyGlass

NetSpyGlass enables network operators to build highly effective alert capabilities by leveraging the platform’s embedded Python interpreter to:


  • Eliminate false positive alerts across a wide range of characteristics in the underlying time-series data.
  • Accommodate physical and logical dependencies to optimize alerting and prioritize team notifications.
  • Minimize or eliminate alert fatigue while maximizing the value of investments in network monitoring.