Visual Analytics for IP Transit & Peering Connections

In this post, we explore the programmability of NetSpyGlass to demonstrate how a few lines of Python code can enable granular, real-time and historical visibility into IP transit and peering connections in order to more effectively manage these connections.

Network Programmability and Automation – Early Release Book Review

In this post, I will share my first impressions of a soon to be published O’Reilly/Safari book by the title – “Network Programmability and Automation: Skills for the Next-Generation Network Engineer”. In all fairness to the authors, it is important to clarify that this is a review of the “Early Release – Raw & Unedited” edition of the book. Despite the risk of premature judgement, I believe there are a number of reasons why this book deserves the attention of forward-thinking network professionals.

Welcome to the NetSpyGlass Blog

Welcome and thanks for stopping by to take in our inaugural blog post! For NetSpyGlass this blog represents a journey into the murky waters of defining a novel solution category. Our slightly long-winded positioning statement, i.e. “Pragmatic Perspectives on Script Defined Automation of Network Performance Monitoring” is admittedly a bit much to absorb at first glance but it precisely defines our aims and goals for this blog. Nonetheless, I will make no assumptions here other than this positioning statement deserves some kind of parsed explanation. So here goes.