Comprehend the context of any alert visually and topologically with prioritization and notification

The context of an alert provides a broad perspective on the source of the problem responsible for the alert, including specific devices and services impacted and any other information that will assist network operations teams to quickly analyze and respond appropriately. Actionable information is key to addressing the context challenge.

With NetSpyGlass, alerts are programmed in Python and can therefore implement complex logic including data manipulation and filtering by device, component or tags. More significantly, alerts are visually displayed on topological maps showing exactly the source of the alert in the context of neighboring devices with abundant visual cues to help teams very quickly diagnose, analyze and respond. This means that alerts are readily defined such that actionable information defining context is always available.

These contextual benefits extend to notifications through NetSpyGlass’ built-in alerting framework that can watch monitoring variables using complex condition-matching rules and send notifications to the most appropriate notification streams, including – log, email Slack, HipChat, PagerDuty, DataDog and others.

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