Future-proof monitoring through flexibility and extensibility that enables ad hoc automation

Although there is no sure-fire way to see the future, what is not difficult to predict is that there will be ongoing change in the networking technologies upon which enterprises depend to run their businesses. This means that enterprises will need to become more strategic in their approach to architecting, implementing and evolving their monitoring infrastructure to take into account inevitable change in technology and change in the operating environment of the business. With respect to monitoring infrastructure, several capabilities characterize monitoring toolsets that would well-position them to gracefully accommodate future change. These capabilities include – the flexibility and extensibility to enable ad hoc automation.

NetSpyGlass developers have created a platform that consciously aims to help network operators future-proof their monitoring infrastructure. Because NetSpyGlass hosts a Python interpreter at the core of its architecture, it offers users a programmatically flexible and programmatically extensible monitoring platform that uniquely enables a level and degree of automation unmatched by alternatives. “Ad hoc automation” captures the notion that NetSpyGlass users have the flexibility to automate literally “anything” in their monitoring infrastructure and to do so at “anytime” regardless of the vendor mix in the network. The platform’s APIs ensure that NetSpyGlass integrates with and “plays nice” with other tools as well as business systems that require access to monitoring data. This programmatically-based flexibility and extensibility means that NetSpyGlass will support your evolving monitoring strategy with purposeful accommodation of new vendors, new device types and new network architectures.

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