Manage the complex interdependencies between monitored devices to eliminate redundant alerts

Complexity is a fact of life in the modern data center or WAN network. A contributing factor to this complexity are the interdependencies between devices, interfaces and components and between physical and logical connections in the network. These interdependencies are a major source of alert storms where a single problem cascades into so many alerts that teams are overwhelmed to respond or to shift through all the noise to get at the root cause of the problem.

One of the key strengths of NetSpyGlass is the ability to design an alerting system with full awareness of inherent systemic interdependencies. For example, when an alert is generated from a BGP peering connection it might easily cascade into multiple alerts involving multiple response teams. Because NetSpyGlass alerts are programmed in Python, users have the power and flexibility to “code” an awareness of interdependencies such that a physical connection failure generates an alarm for teams responsible for physical connectivity while optionally generating an informational notification to teams responsible for logical connection dependent services.

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