Monitoring Large-Scale Networks

Avoiding Alert Fatigue

Automating Multi-Vendor Monitoring

Monitoring Large-Scale Networks

How do you effectively monitor networks consisting of thousands of devices with hundreds of thousands of interfaces and millions of metrics?

  • As networks get large, the challenges of monitoring them increase significantly.
  • Frequent changes and a diversity of network devices compound the visibility challenges of large-scale networks.
  • Questions that have straight-forward answers with smaller networks become overwhelming with large-scale networks due to the interplay of processes, people and technologies that multiplies complexity.

Large-Scale Network Challenges

Frequent Changes

  • How do you accurately and efficiently add thousands of devices to the monitoring system?
  • How do you ensure that as new devices are added that they are recognized and added to the monitoring system?
  • When devices are removed or replaced, how do you ensure that changes are accurately captured by the monitoring system?

Diverse Devices

  • How do you accommodate the multi-vendor mix of devices typical of large-scale networks?
  • How do you ensure that the devices are online, functioning and passing traffic as expected?
  • How do you plan for and accommodate dependencies and interactions between devices, connections, interfaces, etc.?

Limited Visibility

  • How do you collect and process data from thousands of devices in an efficient and performant manner?
  • How do you know that devices are configured the way that you want them to be?
  • How do you confirm that device or component redundancies are functional?
  • How do you control costs as your network grows and evolves to encompass more mission-critical applications and services?

These are not necessarily new questions. However, the role of the network as a mission-critical asset means the answers to these questions are more important than ever before. Your network monitoring solution becomes your trusted lens through which to see the reality of what is happening in your network. Therefore, it has to be the right choice!

Why NetSpyGlass

NetSpyGlass’s approach to conquering the complexity of large-scale networks enables a shift from “reactive” response to “proactive” monitoring in 3 steps:


  • Monitor large-scale networks with a consolidated toolset that enables an efficient and effective workflow.
  • Reduce costs and minimize risks of rework and/or downtime due to poor visibility and/or inadequate tooling.
  • Improve performance “at scale” through insights gained by leveraging programmatic flexibility and rich analytics.