Interfaces, Links & Flows

NetSpyGlass monitors all key metrics describing the operational status and performance of network interfaces, such as:

  • Operational status (Up/Down)
  • Byte counters, in and out, converted to rate in bit/sec. Both ipv4 and ipv6
  • Packet counters, in and out, also converted to a rate in pkts/sec
  • Error and discard rates, in and out
  • Interface speed
  • Interface duplex mode (new in v2.2.x)
  • Interface utilization, in and out, computed as interface traffic (bits/sec) divided by speed. Value is in the range 0 – 1

Devices (System Level)

During network discovery, NetSpyGlass determines device vendor, model, serial number and software release the device is running. It also discovers the inventory of hardware components along with their model and serial numbers.

Devices (Component Level)

NetSpyGlass discovers and monitors chassis alarms on Cisco and Juniper devices. Both minor and major alarms are monitored. Note that terminology depends on the vendor. Cisco refers to alarms as "minor" and "major", whereas Juniper refers to them "yellow" and "red" alarms. NetSpyGlass "normalizes" these terminology differences to provide a common meaning across vendors.


NetSpyGlass collects basic SNMP-related statistics, such as query round trip time, the rate of SNMP queries, percentage of SNMP timeouts, etc.