NetSpyGlass is a fully-programmable, highly-scalable automation platform providing real-time network mapping, monitoring, visualization, analytics and much more for multi-vendor data center and WAN network operators.

  • Automated

    Fully programmable through embedded Python interpreter

  • Scalable

    Scales to thousands of devices and millions of metrics with ease

  • Extensible

    Integrate monitoring data into external systems using a REST API

  • Real-Time

    Mapping, visualization, monitoring via real-time dashboards

  • Powerful

    Search on alerts, faults, other data and overlay directly on maps

  • Cost-Effective

    Reduces complexity, risks of network downtime and costs

Complexity Obscures Visibility

Network performance monitoring and diagnostics (NPMD) defines a broad set of activities by network operations teams seeking visibility into performance of application, network and infrastructure components with the aid of a wide assortment of tools and technologies. As networks become more complex there is a corresponding proliferation of network management instrumentation, which ironically compounds the complexity. This complexity ultimately obscures visibility into what is really happening in the network, resulting in increased risks of downtime.


Enterprise networks are in a constant state of growth and change to meet the needs of the organizations that depend upon them. Monitoring these networks often requires many disparate tools that don’t integrate, don’t scale and that ultimately contribute to the complexity that can result in downtime.


NetSpyGlass offers a compelling alternative by providing NetOps, DevOps, Security and Applications teams with real-time dashboards and network maps along with sophisticated analytics and search features with the ability to overlay faults, alerts and performance data directly on network maps.

Why NetSpyGlass?

NetSpyGlass provides a single platform that can replace or complement a number of network management tools. Our exclusive focus is monitoring network infrastructure with support for devices from most major vendors. Customizable metrics and variables are accessible via easy to apply Python hook scripts. NetSpyGlass is unique in it’s ability to consolidate network management tooling while increasing visibility into what is actually happening in the network.


Automation & Analytics

Automatically discover network devices, build topology maps and collect metrics.


Discovery & Mapping

Scalable real-time monitoring with auto configuration, alerts and data integration.


Real-Time Monitoring

Generate customizable reports with detailed analytics on devices and performance.

Use Cases

Monitoring Large-Scale Networks

Avoiding Alert Fatigue

Automating Multi-Vendor Monitoring

Device Vendors Currently Supported

Built by Network Operators for Network Operators

    Automatically discover network devices, build topology maps and collect metrics right out of the box.
    Scalable real-time monitoring with auto configuration, integration of maps and monitoring data, alerts and notifications.
    Generate customizable performance and availability reports on vlans, switch ports, subnets, protocols and more.
    Capacity planning with embedded Python interpreter and SQL-like query syntax for historical analysis of monitoring data.