Network Performance Monitoring That Goes Beyond the Network.

The NetSpyGlass elastically scalable network performance monitoring and automation service provides real-time visibility for any size network and can be customized to measure and monitor business-level objectives beyond traditional monitoring.

The network performance monitoring platform that is as easy as one, two, three.

NetSpyglass enables you to pinpoint issues and make changes in real-time, so you can spend your time making your network better instead of simply functional. Move from reactive to proactive in three simple steps.


Rapid Deployment

A cloud-based SaaS platform has you up and running in minutes instead of days or weeks.


Program, View & Scale

Full programmability, unmatched device-level visibility and massive scalability.


SLAs with Confidence

NSG ensures the highest level of network availability and helps customers meet or beat their committed service levels.


Apply NetOps 2.0 to network performance monitoring today

Learn why today’s network complexity drives the need for outcome-based network monitoring.

Solve difficult problems

Automate Performance Monitoring

NetSpyGlass offers automation at scale for the enterprise network— fully automating all major data gathering, processing, storage and reporting.

Cure Alert Fatigue

NetSpyGlass allows you to customize alerts to raise issues only for the alerts that impact your business goals, saving time and reducing load on your system.

Simplify Network Operations

NetSpyGlass can ingest multiple network telemetry sources to get the job done without human supervision.

The benefits of

Network performance monitoring automation

When you deploy NetSpyGlass, here’s what happens:

Get Automated

Within an hour, you can search, tag, and review your entire multi-vendor network.

Ultimate Visibility

Within a day, you can search real-time network reliability maps.

Cloud-Powered Analytics

Within a week, you can deploy your own custom automated alert monitors.


Jump the digital fast track

From the first time you use NetSpyGlass, you put yourself on the fast track for Digital Transformation with a revolutionary approach to monitoring automation.

Big brands trust NetSpyglass