Automate Performance Monitoring

Networks are dynamic, distributed and growing more complex by the day. Move on from:
  • Reviewing notes on a shared spreadsheet
  • Parsing through tables and recalling tribal knowledge
You need a network management tool as agile, dynamic and scalable as your network.

smart inspection automates telemetry

Replace your existing process with applications that automate information gathering. You’re not limited to the applications that come out of the box – with a few lines of Python; you can custom tailor your own.

Navigate your network like you navigate a traffic map

With NetSpyGlass, the agent automatically builds a topology map as it discovers your network inventory. And, because the agent is always running, that map is always maintained – through vendor upgrades, new deployments and configuration changes. You can group the mapped data points in any way that makes sense to you, adding metrics, interfaces, links, connection information, telemetry overlays and more.

Search your network like you search the web

With NetSpyglass, you can easily organize up-to-date data that lets you see the forest through the trees. Not only that, you can also look at time-series data, so there’s no need to print or store your content.


Finally, a Network Monitoring Platform as Advanced as Your Network

NetSpyGlass’s extensible cloud platform included applications and lightweight telemetry agents that use network-aware algorithms to inspect systems and analyze metrics across your network, regardless of vendors.
From interface-level metrics up to business-driven intent validation, NetSpyGlass handles the big-data challenges associated with network monitoring, freeing your team from time-sucking documentation, checklists and paper-based processes.



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