Cure Alert Fatigue

  • Remove the complexity of monitoring large, multi-vendor networks.
  • Stop the shear number of alerts.
  • Move beyond traditional tools that map static thresholds of low-level counters and require manual configuration of hundreds or even thousands of separate alerts.
  • Focus on only alerts with real importance to the source of the problem.
  • See the operational and administrative state of equipment, interfaces and associated links.

Add missing business impact logic

NetSpyGlass(NSG) tempers individual alerts with network-aware algorithms that support a RESTful API, and in-service Python runtime service allows you to add business intent validation to the alerting monitor. So, you can tell the difference between a newly replaced fiber-optic cable and an office that’s about to go down. NSG alerts raise issues that will keep you from reaching your business goals and provide network operations staff with precise context and root cause, saving time and reducing the cognitive load on the team.

Network-aware algorithms handle alerts

NetSpyGlass adds network-aware algorithms to the base telemetry data and enables intelligent algorithms, including clustering, moving average, and standard deviation, to be used without requiring data science expertise.

Cure alert fatigue

NetSpyGlass alerts can be displayed visually on the NSG Maps, and they can also be sent to enterprise notifications stream – but only after the root cause and business intelligence context have been added.


Just because something happened doesn’t mean that it’s important

Without any context, an alert doesn’t tell you very much. NSG infuses alerts with business intent into the networking and statistical intelligence, automatically delivering the technical and commercial context to show you not only what’s happening but how much it matters.



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