Simplify Network Operations

  • Manage multi-vendor devices using a single tool.
  • Eliminate black holes or inaccurate network depictions that need to be handled manually.
  • Eliminate the redundant task of revisiting the same problem every time any single device changes.
  • You No longer need to settle for inadequate data.

Detailed discovery

NSG’s Smart Inspection is a method for comprehensive, accurate, automated discovery that not only builds and maintains the network graph but also infers the intent by “tagging” nodes based on telemetry and other information. Because we operate independently of configuration data or policy definition, NSG is not limited to a single vendor or a reference architecture. It works with the available data streams and gets the job done without human supervision.

Vendor-specific metrics

NSG doesn’t just accommodate diversity; we use the differences between metrics and telemetry on disparate devices to improve monitoring automation. That’s because some devices have more information and can provide more detailed overall telemetry than others. NSG leverages this diversity and normalizes data into a superset that benefits the comprehensive monitoring system, reducing the workload on networking teams and providing a consistent technical and user interface.


The flexible platform that enables automation and monitoring of multi-vendor networks today will work the same way as you look to augment your deployment of existing devices with devices from new suppliers. NSG embraces changes in data, information, and telemetry transports and schemas, so you don’t have to worry about these fast-evolving technical underpinnings.


Stop trying to maintain cutting edge technology with tools from the ’90s

NSG was built on the assumption that networks continually evolve and that the vendor equipment you’ve deployed will change over time. Not only do we expect diversity and differences, NSG can often deliver better results in this situation. So you can build your network with best-in-class infrastructure, and let us figure out the rest.



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