A New Approach to Network Performance Monitoring

Traditional network management solutions haven’t kept up with today’s dramatic expansion and complexity of networks, so we built a solution that does.

Meet the founders

Photo of Shyam Davuluru

Shyam Davuluru


Shyam is co-founder and CEO of NetSpyGlass. He is a serial entrepreneur, building successful enterprise startups from the inception stage. Shyam co-founded Neoteris that created the SSL-VPN market segment, later he worked as VP of engineering at Juniper Networks, building highly distributed and scalable enterprise security services. At Appcito, he led an engineering team and built an elastically scalable Application Delivery Controller as a service. Later on, he headed a cloud-based Application Delivery Controller analytics platform at A10 Networks. Shyam is passionate about building products that disrupt categories and is now on a mission to disrupt Network Performance monitoring.

Photo of Vadim Kurland

Vadim Kurland


Vadim is Co-Founder and CTO of NetSpyGlass. He recently built a fireWall manager in open source to manage thousands of firewalls which became an inspiration to a successful startup NetCitadel which later got acquired by Proofpoint. As a network engineer, Vadim helped build a sophisticated network performance monitoring solution during the early stages of Google. Before that, Vadim was automating network operations as a network administrator at Healtheon/WebMD.

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“ The IT management needs of digital businesses are significantly different compared to a decade ago. Companies should avoid building their own management tools with open source code and rather should leverage the power of the cloud with a tool like NetSpyGlass that can evolve along with the organization.”

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360° network view

NetSpyGlass service is the only full-spectrum solution that ensures the highest level of network availability and helps customers meet or beat their committed service levels.