What can NetSpyGlass do for your business?

A Complete Solution

The ONLY solution that offers a COMBINATION of visibility, scripting, the ability to add data from all computed variables back into the data pipeline on the platform itself, and internet-class scalability.

Digital Transformation

NetSpyGlass (NSG) is the industry leader in SaaS-based Network Monitoring and Alerting as a Service (NMaaS). Designed to leverage a big data computing environment, the NSG platform provides the NetOps 2.0 foundation needed to enable digital transformation, dynamic networks and resilience.


NSG offers advanced programmability for full custom monitoring and alerting, as well as the embedding of business-specific logic in the workflow. NSG can be extended to reflect your in-depth requirements through simple Python scripts, offering automation and ad hoc queries and reporting.

Synthetic Variables

The data from these computed variables can be entered back into the data pipeline on the platform itself to be used and tracked on an ongoing basis as part of the regular workflow. This enables an exceptionally high level of visibility into very specific business and technical parameters.

Unmatched Device-Level Visibility

We offer complete multi-vendor device coverage for a wide range of applications including SD-WAN, firewalls, load balancers, voice, wireless and more. Added to this, our time series database allows you to visually profile the performance of individual elements or the entire network over time, bringing your data to life.

Scalability & Maintainability

We can manage thousands of devices, hundreds of thousands of interfaces and millions of metrics per second. As a cloud-based service, there’s no practical limit to how high we can scale.
NSG’s cloud-based service means no hardware or software to buy and maintain and the ability to cost-effectively scale to an unlimited number of devices under management. Additional ongoing configuration is minimal.


NSG offers automation at scale for the enterprise network. All variables and alerts are fully programmable and can perform functions like troubleshooting automatically. NSG’s automated discovery process for new or changed devices eliminates onsite configuration errors.

Insight & Intelligent Search

The NSG platform is capable of delivering insight to the business based on complex business logic and time-series telemetry data. NSG allows you to present graphical data to management and aids in regulatory compliance by making data readily accessible.
NSG’s Google-like search capability provides operators and other parts of the business (i.e., Procurement, Customer Service, etc.) with a powerful and intuitive tool for identifying and drilling down on network elements based on multiple search criteria.

Python Inside

NSG offers a suite of scripted Python applications to address most common operational needs as well as assistance in scripting custom Python applications to address specific business requirements. These applications access data through NSGQL or the NSG API and operate on all monitoring variables and aggregate (i.e., synthetic) variables.

Comprehensive Out-of-the-Box Operational Metrics

Network interface statistics, BGP rates, environmental parameters, LAG state, device operational parameters, hardware component operational state, firewall counters, chassis alarms, MPLS LSPs utilization, power consumption and more.